Introducing production

Masterplast group’s nonwoven sector specializes in textile manufacturing for the construction and healthcare sector and the production of semi-finished materials. We serve the healthcare industry’s market needs with a wide range of high-quality single-layer nonwoven fleece raw materials, multi-layer nonwoven textiles combined with film, and first-rate finished products. In our factories, excellent quality is guaranteed by cutting-edge manufacturing technologies with a high degree of automation, our 25 years of production experience, and quality-controlled manufacturing processes.

Masterplast acquired the manufacturing base in Germany, Aschersleben, in 2020 with its entire staff and know-how. With this step, Masterplast has taken over the technology, infrastructure and several decades of knowledge and experience, making it possible to enter the healthcare industry successfully. Next, Masterplast raised its medical goals in the healthcare sector to a strategic level, and its most significant investment began in December 2020. As a result of a multi-step development at the company’s headquarters in Sárszentmihály, the factory site, specializing in the manufacture of medical raw materials and semi-finished products, materialized. Here, with domestic production, the company contributes to increasing Hungary’s protective measures during the pandemic. By relying on Masterplast’s manufacturing background, its strategic goal is to control the entire supply chain and build mutually successful relationships with its healthcare partners.  

Masterplast Medical, a division specializing in the needs of the healthcare sector, was established in 2021 within the nonwoven business. Considering the needs of the healthcare sector, we manufacture medical textiles and finished medical products in a quality-controlled manufacturing environment. The cutting-edge, mostly automated technology constantly provides the high quality products. As the expert manufacturer of combinable and controllable single-layer and breathable, inline film-coated multi-layer textiles, Masterplast serves healthcare sector with international qualifications.

The production of medical nonwoven raw materials and nonwowen finished products takes place in two European units.

Germany – Aschersleben
In our German factory we manufacture single-layer nonwoven fleece fabrics and 2,3 layers film laminated products. Thanks to the BICO technology, features and parameters of the products are easliy adjustable and can be tailored the customers’ needs.

Nonwoven single-layer spunbound fleece: 6000MT / year
2 and 3 layers, film laminated nonwoven products: 8000 MT / year

Hungary – Sárszentmihály
Equipped with state-of-the-art BICO technology, the 7,700-square-meter plant complex manufactures healthcare basic textiles and finished healthcare products with a high degree of automation in a clean environment that meets the healthcare sector’s hygiene requirements.

Medical nonwoven spunbound fleece: 7000MT / year

The Hungarian gorvernment supported the investment via the Heathcare Industry Support Program.